About us

A pioneering alliance of Christian thinkers & practitioners

The AI Christian Partnership comprises Christian organisations, theologians, technologists and academics. If you belong to one of these categories and wish to join us please get in touch.


All our members share a common concern on how AI will impact the church, work and ministry. We believe that, managed well, AI can be used to further the gospel and promote human flourishing.


Our focus (see below) is to encourage AI literacy in the church. We aim to help Christians formulate a practical response to AI, whether that is in ministry or in your workplace. This includes church leaders, church members, and Christians in employment. Where this raises ethical and theological issues, we will provide thought leadership to ensure our practices are grounded in robust theology and Biblical thinking.

Our core team members

Several of our team members are scientists, technologists and / or Christian Ministers and academics. All are extremely well acquainted with AI.

* indicates a founder member of the Partnership.

Click the image for details on any member and from there you can also find out about their organisation.

Chris Goswami*

Founder, AI Christian Partnership

John Wyatt*

Professor, Author, Speaker

James Docherty*

CTO, Creation.co

Ruth Bancewicz*

Church Engagement Director Faraday Institute

Chris Curtis*

CEO Youthscape

Phil Jump*

Regional Baptist Minister & Chair of Industrial Christian Fellowship

Nathan Mladin*

Senior Researcher, Theos

Kathryn Pritchard*

Director, ECLAS

Trish Shaw*

CEO Beyond Reach & European Evangelical Alliance

Simon Cross

AI SME and policy advisor, Bishop of Oxford’s office

John Weaver*

Trustee, Industrial Christian Fellowship

Tim Bull*

Director of Vocations, St Albans (CofE)

Pete Phillips

Head of Digital Theology. Durham University & Spurgeons College

Our purpose and goals

Adapting to life with AI

We aim to promote AI literacy in the church, enabling everyday Christians in work and ministry to navigate the world of AI responsibly. In practice, this means answering 3 questions:

  1. What is AI? Factual and tutorial-style resources
  2. When can I use AI? Guidance on ethics
  3. How do I use AI?  Practical help on using AI in specific Christian ministries
Practically, we are addressing these questions by:
  1. Providing a forum for discussion, coordination and feedback between Christian organisations, producing and curating resources to equip and support Christians impacted by the missional or pastoral impact of AI
  2. Directly addressing the theological and ethical issues that underpin this work
  3. Tracking what other major organisations in the space of AI and faith are doing

Through a combination of regular online meetings and occasional face-to-face gatherings, we are working collaboratively on several projects

Read about them here.

Ai Christian Partnership - Sheffield 2

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