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Equipping Christians in work and ministry

Ongoing projects which members of the AI Christian Partnership are engaged in are summarised below. If you are looking for actual materials, check out our Resources.

Training in AI for church leaders

Presented by experts in the field, this course connects theological thought, pastoral considerations, and popular engagement.

It takes place over five Wednesday evenings. Each session will have a small amount of material provided in advance to read, watch or listen to.


Register or catch-up on previous sessions here

We expect to bring further training in AI for churches in 2024 which will be posted here


Led by The Faraday Institute

AI and young people

AI is already impacting the lives of our children and youth. How do parents and church leaders respond?

This project has several elements to it including a set of “life scenarios” to help church leaders think through the impacts of AI, and specific AI tools for youth leaders - available in our Resources.


Led by Youthscape



Relationships and AI

A 2-year research project with interim reports along the way.

Primarily focused on the impact of AI on inter-personal, including work, relationships, while also probing into emerging relationships with AI agents (eg chatbots, avatars) from romantic to mundane.


Led by Theos


AI and faith – an organisational mapping

There are several organisations around the world investigating the overlap of faith and AI. Some are Christian, others multi-faith.

This project aims to map out at a high level what each organisation is doing, and then track them.


Led by The Industrial Christian Fellowship


AI Resource hub for churches

Whether you are completely new to AI, looking for AI tools for your church, need some training, interested in a theology of AI, or have a specific interest in the elderly or young people, this hub will help you.

Content will include original and curated talks, and articles, plus reviews of resources from other organisations.


Led by The Faraday Institute


The intersection of AI, grief and death

AI technology known as “grief tech” increasingly provides people with the option of “mind uploading” so that a deceased person can be “simulated”. This has implications and dangers for pastoral care and the grieving process.

This report is now available in our Resources


Led by Theos


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