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For churches, small-groups, and individuals

These reports, guides, and recordings (scroll down) are original, recent, and produced by member organisations in association with the AI Christian Partnership. They are designed to spark conversation and help you explore the impact of AI from a faith perspective.

Ai church scenarios

Church life scenarios
by Youthscape

What will AI bring to church life, what will it take away?
  • What is it?  "PDF cards"
  • Who's it for?  Church small-groups
  • Purpose  Explore the impact of AI in church life
  • Background needed  NONE

How could AI impact our teaching, youthgroups, evangelism or pastoral care? These “church life scenarios” consider the benefits and dilemmas of AI in ministry by stimulating thoughtful group discussion. The scenarios encourage you to apply a faith understanding as you delve into the practical, moral, and theological implications of AI in our churches.

In addition, we have prepared Leaders' Notes" to help stimulate and guide discussion.

AI and the afterlife
by Theos

Is digital resurrection possible?
  • What is it?  84 page PDF report
  • Who's it for?  Academics & the intellectually curious
  • Purpose  Understanding how modern technology intersects with experiences of death and grief
  • Background needed  A basic understanding of AI
Theos - AI grief and death

This new report explores the intersection of technology with death and grief. This include so-called ‘grief tech’ – AI–powered machines that simulate deceased loved ones. These are trained on personal letters, videos, emails, voice notes, and are meant to aid the bereaved in their journey through grief. But do they provide pastoral care for those who mourn or is this deep-fake deception of the vulnerable?

This report sheds light on technologies already in use in some countries and its potential emotional repercussions.

AI resources

AI resource hub
by Faraday

A launch point for exploring more
  • What is it?  A web page with many links to AI resources
  • Who's it for?  Individual Christians and churches
  • Purpose  Explore articles books, small group materials and more
  • Background needed  Varies depending on the resource

Faraday is developing a centralised hub for those wishing to explore AI and faith further. Work has started recently and is continuing.

Recent recordings (2024)

Recent recordings of our team members on radio, TV, conferences, etc, covering many areas of AI, faith and ethics. Use the right-hand buttons to navigate, and please be aware these links take you away from this website.

AI & Church Leadership Pt-2 (Premier)

Impact of AI: in ministry to young people, the workplace, and our personal privacy.
Chris Curtis, CEO, YouthScape and Nathan Mladin, Researcher, Theos

The rise of the machines (GodTV)

With AI-powered assistants for prayer and ministry, comes profound questions about ethics, theology, and the future of religious practice.
Chris Goswami, Founder AI Christan Partnership

AI-generated Grief Bots (Premier)

Is it okay for Christians to use AI-generated Grief Bots to deal with bereavement?
Nathan Mladin, Researcher, Theos & James Poulter, CEO, Vixen Labs

AI & Church Leadership Pt-1 (Premier)

What is AI and how can it be used in church?  Can we "redeem AI" for good?
John Wyatt, Professor, author, speaker, & Chris Goswami, founder AI Christian Partnership

What does it mean to be human? (CMDA)

The impact of artificial technology on the future of healthcare.
John Wyatt, professor, author, speaker

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