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Enabling Christians to navigate the world of AI

Who are we?

We are a pioneering alliance of Christian organisations, respected theologians and innovative technologists.


We believe that AI can be a powerful tool for ministry, but only when used in a way that is consistent with Christian values.
We aim to promote AI literacy enabling Christians in work and ministry to responsibly navigate the world of AI.
Ai and church


The AI Christian Partnership members include the Christian think tank Theos, the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, Youthscape - training youth leaders across Britain, ECLAS - Equipping Christian Leaders in an Age of Science, the Industrial Christian Fellowship – supporting Christians in the world of work, and the European Evangelical Alliance.
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What do we do?

This site is for all Christians who feel impacted by AI.


We are developing educational resources and conducting research. Here's a summary, or click the link below for details.

Five Wednesday evenings, spread through the academic year

Specific tools and advice for youth leaders and parents

Impacts of AI on inter-personal relationships - from mundane to romantic

What other Christian and faith or ethics based organisations are doing about AI

A regularly updated resource of materials on AI aimed at all Christians

"Grief tech” enables a deceased person to be “simulated” - implications and dangers


of teenagers use AI


devices with AI voice assistants worldwide


UK AI market worth in 2023

"I genuinely believe that AI will bring a transformation as far-reaching as the industrial revolution, the coming of electricity, or the birth of the internet"

Rishi Sunak

“… AI should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as climate change, pandemics and nuclear war"

UN General Assembly

"Humans find themselves in a new technological Garden of Eden where they need to decide what fruits are good to eat, and what fruits are best avoided" 


"Currently there is more investment now in AI research than the rest of science put together"

Jaan Tallinn, Centre for the Study of Existential Risk

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What is AI and why does it matter?

What is AI and why does it matter?

January 25, 2024
AI is everywhere. Shop online, use a bank card in a store, Google some information, watch a Netflix movie, visit...
Why did we start The AI Christian Partnership?

Why did we start The AI Christian Partnership?

December 13, 2023
The Church is taking on AI, here’s how we're doing it, writes Chris Goswami, founder of AI Christian Partnership. “Give...

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